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Dinsdag 9 augustus: Old dog Blues (incoming)
Seasick Steve (or was it my daughter?) has pulled me out of a deep chess abyss. Let me start at the beginning. Other than the average woman (thank you Hein Donner!) my daughter has a sense of humour. Now and again something finds its way to my mailbox that suits my situation. You know, a present with a message, or sometimes a good earful – always with a double entendre.

The last time it was the Seasick Steve CD ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.
Yes, it was a deep chess abyss that I found myself in.
For fourty years I had thrusted that f-pawn forward. King’s Gambit, the Grand Prix, Dutch and Latvian. I didn’t know what else to do.
Then, on the eve of my 64th, I started to have my doubts. Are there any old fossils that play the Muzio Gambit, any spry sods who still whack on f7? I decided to adapt my opening repertoire and start playing moves like Nf3, c4, g6 and Nf6. The results were disastrous, and I even started to prefer bridge. Until Seasick Steve (or was it my daughter?) made me see the light.
Last week I whacked on f7 again, like a young dog.

Frank, wagging his tail

Seasick Steve (Steven Gene Wold, Oakland, California, 1941) is a bearded white blues freak who made his breakthrough later in life. Sleazy blues by an old hippie who builds his own instruments.