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Dinsdag 26 juli: Bob Dylan (incoming)
Mr. Dylan, Dear Bob,

During your next Neverending Tour I’d like to invite you to my home in Terschelling, a beautiful little island in the north of Holland. No paparazzi here.

Did you ever ride a bike on the wet sand of a beach? I can show you the Silver Moon (Boloria Selene) and our national bird the black-tailed godwit.

We could pay a visit to our local vaudeville hero Hessel and, most of all, we can play a few chess games with a glass of Jutterbitter.

Well, maybe you’re too busy. But could I ask you a favor?

I read your book Chronicles. This phrase: ‘Outside I heard a woodpecker knocking against a tree in the dark’. Sorry, but woodpeckers don’t knock in the dark.

I suggest: ‘In the dark a woodpecker was knocking on heaven’s door’.


Hoorn, Terschelling